Getting pre-approved takes the mystery out of purchasing your home and ensuring that you qualify for a home mortgage loan. Knowing your rate, your payment, and your affordability makes the purchase a more comfortable process.

A pre-approval also guarantees you a locked-in interest rate, typically held by most lenders for 120 days.

When pre-approved most home sellers tend to take your offer more seriously since they know they are dealing with quality home buyers. This is critical in the home buying process.

It is important to understand that the pre-approval is simply that- a pre-approval. A final determination of approval is based on verifying all the information provided such as income, down payment, property type, and location. It still means that you must at all times have a ‘condition of financing’ when making a purchase.

Getting pre-approved is easy- simply complete our ‘quick application’ and submit. We will take it from there.