Getting you qualified to refinance prospects is our core business.

Grand Avenue is a leader in generating real-time Refinance Mortgage Leads, which will work great for your company. Our services are designed in a special way to ensure our client will grow their business by closing more loans. All Refinance Leads that will be delivered to you has to pass through our quality control department to ensure you exactly get what you looking for. Our real-time lead delivery option lets our client reach the prospect on time and provide them with the refinance quote.

All our leads that are generated through telemarketing lead generation, Voice Broadcasting, affiliates, web promotions are delivered to you once we qualify the prospect. We guarantee for the exclusivity of our Exclusive Mortgage Leads unless prospects themselves are not looking to shop around for the refinancing quote. We ensure the motivation of the prospects by phone verification. Our Telemarketing Refinance Leads will come with 100% guaranteed.

Along with the quality we can also take care of the quantity in delivering the leads. Even if you want more prospects day by day we can take care of your orders. We make sure to keep your Loan officers busy and fill your pipeline with loans.

All our Refinance Mortgage Leads comes with the replacement policy. To close more Loans and to get qualified Mortgage to refinance prospects call us now and find out about best possible Mortgage Refinance leads waiting for you. If you are looking for quality Refinance leads than you have come to the right source. Axiom is the leading provider for real-time refinance leads. All our Refinance Leads are delivered within 5 minutes as it is generated to ensure that you are purchasing the real-time Refinance leads.

Exclusive Mortgage Leads

At Grand Avenue we mean it when we say “Exclusive” then we know what Exclusivity means. All our mortgage leads are only sold once. We do not resell our leads to any other client once it is assigned to you. We have into Mortgage Lead Generation Business for more than 4 years now and the only reason why we have been able to sustain and be successful is that we stick by our word. We do not play around with leads which are sold as exclusive, unlike many others who sell leads at least 5 times claiming that they cannot guarantee if the prospect will not be called by any other lender because the prospect might be window shopping as well. Of course that’s a very nice excuse and unfortunately is true as well. However this is the least we  Exclusive Mortgage leads are sold only once and the leads are filtered and sent to you every start of the day in excel or one-page format, whatever you opt in for. We can also deliver you leads in real time as soon as it is generated.

Grand Avenue has a very wide network of sources from where the leads are generated. Mortgage Telemarketing, Email Marketing, Voice Broadcasting, Web Marketing, and Referrals as well. We have had a very good clientele in the industry and Most of them have been happy so far with our leads. Not to mention they stopped shopping around for leads since they started working with us. Most of our clients have been experiencing a closing ratio of 8% to 15%. Of course, if you happen to be catering to a variety of loans the closing ratio can go up. So if you buy 100 leads you will surely close 8 to 10 loans for sure. Get started now and call us now. You can also visit our mortgage lead by checking into